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About us

–about us –

The Company 'HRW Automation GmbH' was established on 27 June 2008 by
Ing. Alexander Haas, Bernhard Rader and Ing. Helmut Windischbauer
and started its activities on 1 July 2008.

The basic idea of HRW Automation GmbH consists on supporting its
customers as a strong partner for automation technology.
We therefore strive to turn various projects with customized automation
solutions to reality and to offer customers added value.

This added value can be set at varyingly locations such as cost saving or quality
and functionality and all the way up to a clear competitive advantage.
The costumers of HRW Automation GmbH can not only focus on
complete solutions, but also in individual needed solutions out
of our wide range of services.

– Philosophy –

''your success is our success''

The key part on top of the corporate philosophy is
customer success and customer satisfaction.

The main strengths of HRW Automation GmbH are:

  • long-term experience in automation technology
  • high quality awareness
  • great flexibility
  • adherence to shedules
  • absolute reliability

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